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The Pandan Table Lamp - Black Natural

Be inspired by the playful pandan table lamp with sisal fringes that creates 100% atmosphere with its beautiful boho look. It gives a cozy light to your living room, lounge room, bedroom or in a covered patio. Electrical cable included.


Advised light bulb
Cable and fitting included?
Yes (EU standard - Type C plug, E27 standard fitting)
Length (cm)
Width (cm)
Height (cm)
Black, Natural
Pandan, Terracotta
Terracotta is a clay-based pottery and tableware, usually recognizable by the brownish-red color. The natural and Mediterranean look suits almost every garden and interior. Perfect for those who love a modern design with a wink to the past. 

Pandan comes from the screw pine that is widely cultivated in Indonesia. The leaves are processed into beautiful furniture and decorations. Pandan is a flexible and strong material. Usually, the leaves are processed into ropes where they afterwards braid objects with. 
Very typical for terracotta is the white chalk spots that can appear, if you use terracotta as a flowerpot. This is due to the tap water used to water your plants. A simple solution is to use rainwater.
The white stains are easily removed with warm water and a dash of vinegar.
During winter months, it is recommended to take your terracotta pieces inside. They can freeze and break at temperatures below 0!

As with any material that contains natural fibres, pandan is best kept away from too much water and light as deforming, mold or a change of colour can occur.