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The Cowrie Macrame Candle Holder - Natural S


Create summery cosy evenings with our cotton crochet candle holders finished with shells on the side. These lovely candle holders will add more moons of beauty to your home decor and style. Decorate your home and inspire yourself and others to welcome the new. 


Length (cm)
Width (cm)
Height (cm)
Cotton, Shell
Cotton is a natural fiber used to make soft and breathable textiles. It can be recycled and recovered, however it is sensitive to light and heat.
Our cotton undergoes special treatments to come out extremely soft and durable.

Shells are often considered waste and therefore millions are thrown away every year, or used in landfills. However we believe that they make beautiful decorations that can be used on all sorts of items. Not only is this a way to recycle but to give a second life to shells. Their beautiful patterns and colours give everything they are placed on, a beautiful and delicate coastal touch. 

Cotton needs to be washed by hand ; this helps to keep the color vibrant. Please do not place your product in the washing machine as this can damage the fabric. Bear in mind also that using hot water can cause the cotton to shrink. We advice you to air dry your item, preferably on a flat surface without direct sun exposure.

This material is by nature water resistant and durable. In order to keep them in good condition, we advice you to clean them gently with a lukewarm cloth. In this way the dust won't opaque their colour and they will stay looking vibrant. Avoid placing them under the pressure of heavy items to keep them from breaking.