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The Beaded Basket - Black - Set of 3


These beautifully beaded offering boxes are entirely handmade by Balinese artisans with love and care. To use as a storage or simple decorative element, separately or together these boxes will find an eye-catching place in your home! They are used in Bali in religious ceremonies to contain offerings to the gods, transformed into a decorative object these boxes will add a touch of authenticity and exoticism to your decoration.


Length (cm)
12 - 15 - 20
Width (cm)
12 - 15 - 20
Height (cm)
10 - 12 - 15
Bamboo, Beads
Pieces inlcuded
Bamboo is known for its strength, durability, and smooth texture. It can last many years when you take care of it properly. 

Beads are small, decorative objects. They come in various shapes and colors and can be made into beautiful products.
Our beaded products are all handmade by local craftsman. From beautiful baskets to clutches and even placemats.

You can dust or wipe down your bamboo furniture using water, or a product designed specifically for wooden furniture. Use a mild cleaner to not damage the finish or shine of the bamboo.
Avoid placing bamboo furniture next to heating, fireplaces, and wooden stoves, this dries out the bamboo.
Bamboo furniture is recommended for indoor use only. If you place it outside, treat it with an outdoor sealant to protect the bamboo. Choose a spot in the shade and somewhere where rain can’t reach it.

Beads are quite easy to maintain. You can clean them with a damped cloth but don’t use any soap.
Chemical substances can damage or discolor the beads!