The Mitcha Stool - Natural

    The Mitcha Stool - Natural


    The Mitcha Stool - Natural


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        Product description

        The Mitcha stool a modern seating element or side table with a clean, minimalist design. The quality of the material is perfect for everyday use and has beautiful markings showcasing the life of the wood.Perfect for a living room, dining room or kitchen, this stool can be used as extra seating at your coffee table or as a catchall for accessories.


        Our collection is made up of handcrafted products that are made in a sustainable manner.
        Suar / Munggur wood come from huge tropical rainforests and are known for their strong, durable characteristics and beautiful colour combinations. Our furniture is ideal for those who like natural and one-of-a-kind pieces. All of our wood is harvested from forest floors in a sustainable manner, rather than being chopped for the purpose of producing furniture.

        Wood is a living material that can extract and contract, causing cracks and knots. This is not a defect but should be expected and acknowledged as part of the attractiveness of such a product. The variety in the character of natural wood is a quality we embrace.

        Suar / Munggur wood may hold fluid and moisture deep within. This can seep out slowly over time, creating stains on some surfaces. Although our products are extensively dried in ovens, the design of this particular product incorporates thicker wood that will retain moisture in the middle. Moisture may seep to the surface while this item is being transported, leaving water blemishes. The moisture content of wood might alter, and excess moisture may surface, even though we have a mechanism in place to further improve our Suar / Munggur wood pieces once we get them at our warehouse. It is normal for water marks to still be present as one of the qualities of solid Suar / Munggur wood.

        The colour of images on our website and on social media cannot be taken as an accurate representation of the colour of the actual products because every monitor displays various colour tones. Some products can look different from the photos in catalogs or on websites. Each piece of wood is also unique, and has its own tone and appearance.
        We do not provide refunds or replacements due to the way the wood looks.



        We advise against placing wooden furniture directly on delicate surfaces like carpets and rugs. To prevent marks, a protective plastic might be utilized on the bottom of the product.

        Clean spills, dust, or other debris with warm water and a little soap, but make sure to let it dry completely.

        You might choose to use a wood filler to fill any gaps in your item that are not in a practical or appealing location so as to restore an even surface. Remember that certain items arrive with a stain and that you might need to re-stain after you fill the gap and lightly sand it. 

        Humidity causes mould to grow. Limited airflow and humidity create a microenvironment for mould to flourish. In some circumstances, mould will begin growing on furniture, clothing, and other things within the home. It is not a structural problem with the furniture, rather a problem with the indoor climate.

        While we appreciate the aesthetic of raw sanded wood, coating wood objects with a wood sealer or water-repellent product such as varnish or lacquer might make mould easier to remove from the surface or prevent it from growing. Please keep in mind that applying a coating to the product will alter the appearance and feel of the wood. If you choose to keep the original raw look that we love and mould does appear, it is best to use a mould remover as soon as the mould appears to clean and maintain your product. 

        Working with wood products can attract unwanted insects and pests, such as woodworm. We do treatments at our warehouse to ensure our collection is pest-free. However, as we love the aesthetic of raw sanded wood and aim to retain the best ecological footprint possible, we keep these treatments modest. Depending on your environment and throughout the course of time, we do propose that you apply the appropriate treatments for your local pests.

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