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The Raffia Cotton Cushion Cover - Natural White - 60x60

This eye-catching new cushion cover comes in two sizes and is made from high quality soft cotton. Half of the cushion has been diagonally embellished with raffia fringes, giving it the perfect bohemian or coastal vibe. A must-have in every interior!


Length (cm)
Width (cm)
Natural, White
Raffia, Soft Cotton
Inner Cushion included ?
Washing protocol
Hand wash
Raffia is made from the raffia palms that are found in Africa, Madagascar but also in parts of Central and South America. Because of the natural resin, raffia is extremely durable. It makes each piece flexible and pliant so beautiful pieces can be created.
Cotton is a natural fiber used to make soft and breathable textiles. It can be recycled and recovered, however it is sensitive to light and heat.
Our cotton undergoes special treatments to come out extremely soft and durable.
The best way to clean products made from raffia such as rugs, is to hang them outside in fresh air. If you stain it, clean it as quickly as possible. Water can remove stains that did not have a chance to seep into the fibers. If you use water on raffia, let it dry in the sun before using it again. 
If it’s still wet there is a chance it will mold. Raffia is a natural fiber so do not use harsh chemicals on stains.

Cotton needs to be washed by hand ; this helps to keep the color vibrant. Please do not place your product in the washing machine as this can damage the fabric. Bear in mind also that using hot water can cause the cotton to shrink. We advice you to air dry your item, preferably on a flat surface without direct sun exposure.