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The Island Rope One Seater - Natural White

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Sit back and relax in our beautiful Island Rope One Seater. The open woven back rest and seat are made with white cotton rope. This one seater adds a natural and tropical vibe to your home interior. Handmade to a very high standard, the sofa looks great as a stylish alternative to a covered terrace, patio or interior lounge area. Smile, breathe and go slowly... 

This product is made by several families (home industry workers). Dimensions may vary due to sourcing of materials and different interpretations of the people making the products.


Length (cm)
Width (cm)
Height (cm)
Natural, White
Cotton, Teak Wood
Teak root - Teak Branch - Teak wood
Teak is a tropical hardwood tree found in India and South East Asia, which we source from the overgrow on rainforest floors. Teak has a high protective oil content, making it capable of lasting a lifetime. It can even resist extreme temperatures and humidity. It’s a lovely natural material that can be used both indoors and outdoors (covered).
Bazar Bizar uses teak branch and teak root. Now what is the difference between these two?
Teak branches are collected branches from the trees. These branches are either found or left-over from other furniture making.
Teak root comes from the trunk of the tree and is obtained from fallen teak trees.
Note that the teak trees are not cut down for production!

Natural fiber products can be made from a wide variety of plants. The amount of products that are made from is is equally great. The natural look enriches many homes, businesses and hotels all over the world.
Teak root - Teak Branch - Teak wood
You can use a cloth with warm water and mild soap to clean your teak furniture. Be sure to wipe off all the soap residue after cleaning and let the wood dry properly. If there are any stains, remove them gently. Don’t use a sponge because this can scratch the wood.
If you want a longer lasting maintenance and protect your teak wood furniture, you can use teak oil to waterproof it and prevent it from spots.
If you polish your teak root wood, you get a beautiful golden color. Exposed to the elements, the teak root wood color will fade to a silver-grey shade.

Natural fiber
Natural fiber products are quite easy to clean.
You have to vacuum them regularly to remove all dust and dirt. Also, put your items outside in the sun occasionally, this allow them to air out, and it will kill bacteria and mildew that may be hiding in it.
Steam cleaning or power washing natural fibers is not recommended. Natural fibers are very water absorbent, so it easily holds onto water and other liquids. If they don’t dry completely, natural fibers can mold. So please use as little water as possible when cleaning it.