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The Timber Conic Side Table - Natural - 50

This article has beeAre you looking for the perfect side table that has character but doesn't take up much space? Look no further! This amazing design piece has been handcrafted from Munggur Wood, allowing slight differences in color and size. This natural product is affected by the environment, showcasing all kinds of cracks, splits and markings as part of its beautiful appearance. 
This article has been hollowed out to decrease its weight for shipping and handling purposes. n hollowed out to decrease its weight for shipping and handling purposes.


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Munggur Wood
Munggur wood is a natural "living" material. Munggur wood comes from giant munggur trees, more commonly known as rain trees. Originating from the tropical forests of Indonesia. What makes this type of wood beautiful is its natural brown color and durability.
As with other wood in our collection, we only harvest this wood from forest floors and overgrow.

Munggur wood
We recommend to regularly treat your munggur furniture with an oil to prevent any splits or cracks that can develop in the wood.
Spills, dust, or other dirt can be cleaned with warm water and a mild soap but let it dry properly.
Note that Munggur responds to temperature change and moisture by expanding or contracting. So it is normal that your items experience movements and cracks, this is a natural occurrence within the fibers of a natural product.