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The Brass Planter on Stand - Brass - M

This sleek planter in brass features a shiny round pot, suspended by foldable rounded legs. With this planter you instantly add a touch of sophistication to any indoor space, making even the most common house plant seem luxurious. It's available in three sizes and let's be honest, they look best when combined.


Dia (cm)
Height (cm)
Aluminium, Brass

Aluminium is a very light material. It is also a relatively soft material and can easily be shaped using various processing techniques. The long lifespan is one of the reasons why aluminium is a sustainable material. It is strong, light, mouldable and easy to work with.

Iron is a chemical element found in abundance in the earth’s crust. It has been used in objects for many centuries and has a very specific look that is loved all over the world.


Take warm water and soap. Moisten the soft cloth with this and run it over the aluminium until it is clean. Then rinse the aluminium with water and let the surface dry.


Iron can become dull and rust. Iron does not need any special treatment. If you have any stains, you can sand them away with a scouring pad. Rust can be removed with a mixture of vinegar and water.

For extra protection and to keep the shine, you can rub wax on the iron.