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The Raffia Broom - Natural

Our authentic Indonesian broom is handmade with natural fibers, and it's so beautiful that it deserves a nice visible place in your interior or covered outdoor room. It is finished with a small rope at the top to hang it anywhere you prefer.  Please note that it should only be used as a decorative item.


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Bamboo, Raffia, Rayung
Raffia is made from the raffia palms that are found in Africa, Madagascar but also in parts of Central and South America. Because of the natural resin, raffia is extremely durable. It makes each piece flexible and pliant so beautiful pieces can be created. 

Sisal is a tropical fiber derived from leaves of the plant species Agave. It is a strong fiber that is mainly used for making rope, thread or yarn. From this, carpets are made, among other things.
Fun fact: Sisal is named after a Mexican port town named ‘Sisal’, from which most Sisal was exported.

Palm leaves are used worldwide to weave baskets, rugs and other decorations. To process this, dried palm fronds are used which removes the green color.
Palm leaves are strong and flexible which makes the process of weaving products easy.

Raffia - Sisal - Palm
The best way to clean products such as rugs, is to hang them outside in fresh air.
If you stain it, clean it as quickly as possible. Water can remove stains that did not have a chance to seep into the fibers. If you use water, let it dry in the sun before using it again. If it’s still wet there is a chance it will mold. It is very important to never get it soaking wet! It is an absorbent fiber and so it will absorb all the water which can cause stains.
These are all natural fiberd so do not use harsh chemicals on stains.