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    The need for balance within this new era of travel and natural landscape is needed now more than ever before. Enjoy a luxury experience in one of the Organic-Concept Tent Houses, where you’ll be close to the great Outdoors with all your home comfort. The Strong Synergy between Bazar Bizar & Organic-Concept allows both private and professional customers to beautifully decorate their tented space in a Coastal way of Living. We share a long-term, sustainable vision and prefer to work with nature rather than against it.

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  • As a brand Organic-Concept intends to align themselves with movers and shakers in the sustainability world, they specialize in design-engineering, supply and on-site assembly of Organic tented structures & tent houses into the 6 continents. For customised furnishing and deco they put forward their trusted partners who share their style and vision.

Stretch Tents

Organic-Concept Stretch tents are a unique extension to your terrace or garden. Immediately add value to your venue & create a pleasant environment for your guests in combination with beautifully matched furniture & lighting.

OC Stretch tents are handmade by experienced sailmakers using the latest industry standard welding techniques and various stitched finishes for extra durability and a much wanted luxury feel.

Stretch Tents have a unique flexibility as they can be set up free-standing or easily attached to all kinds of walls/buildings to extend a terrace or outdoor space. Trees, bushes, lighting poles or other obstacles can easily be integrated into a set-up.

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Organic Tent House - Eco luxury that blends seamlessly with the landscape

With the organic curves of the stretch tent and its rustic timber elements, the Organic Tent House is a beautiful complement to any natural setting.

Quality and innovation are hallmarks of the Organic-Concept brand and the latest offering is no different. Designed and engineered as luxury temporary accommodation for eco-sensitive environments, these ingeniously simple modular timber-frame and Organic Stretch tent structures are quickly installed and easily relocated or removed – leaving behind only a lasting impression of quality, comfort and clever design. Designed for quick installation and easy removal, the Organic Tent House is a modular system constructed with pre-fabricated timber beams and posts designed to standard dimensions.

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Wooden Flat Dome

This dome shaped tent structure is truly unique in its kind, entirely made from sturdy, high quality, laminated & curved pine wood. The top sail is handmade from the same sailcloth as the Silhouette tents following specialized sailmaker traditions.

Due to the specific translucency of this sailcloth fabric you will get a warm ambient interior light during daylight hours and a pleasant exterior ‘glow’ of the structure at night.

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Bamboo Tipi

Bamboo Tipis are innovative, cone-shaped tents and the ideal decorative attention grabber for any Outdoor concept.

The giant hand-picked bamboo poles in combination with the beautiful sailcloth tipi cone make this impressive structure a true eye-catcher.

The cone is handmade from the same sailcloth as the Silhouette tents following specialized sailmaker traditions.

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Silhouette Sailcloth Tents

Organic-Concept’s Silhouette tents are an ideal solution if you wish to create an Outdoor space with a Coastal look & feel.

They radiate elegance thanks to their wave-like peaks, the opulent sailcloth and the massive wooden poles. The tents distinguish themselves by the translucent character of the sailcloth and their round or oval shapes. All Organic-Concept Silhouette tents are handmade following specialized sailmaker traditions.

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